We are providing reliable data to the FTSO system of Songbird and Flare Networks

Songbird Address : 0xB5ECB64526F777Eb6f02D4A83AbAB1FAD26b1C00

Flare Address : 0x07702A7494F760B0b3642463BdD2B7A13cFDDbb2

We are collecting data from multiple sources and use ANN to judge which data to use.

We like to go above and far beyond

We are continuously testing new models and methods to find and submit the most reliable data possible without sacrificing security.

We have implemented different kind of security stops in our code, to not get affected by outside factors manipulating data(stablecoin de-pegs, price manipulation in low volume exchanges, feed failures etc…), even if it slightly affects our performance.

Our goal is to develop projects that utilize the FTSO system

Secret Project #1

We are testing a new game experience that will be completely online and will live in the blockchain. We are very excited and hope to release more information in the future.

Secret Project #2

We are building a project that will utilize the FTSO system for not only prices of different tokens but also different kind of data not yet seen in Songbird and Flare networks

Secret Project #3

This project is transparency focused and will offer deep information about many actors and organizations in the ecosystem.

We are a small team with big goals. Meet us below


My goals is to learn new things while contributing to a great ecosystem. I never run out of ideas of things to test and build, but i always run out of time :). I like to always have big dreams and test my limits.

– Senior Dev


I am a student in Computer Science and i look forward to getting valuable experience from this project. We have a lot of things planned and i learn new things every day. I hope we can make people that trust in us proud and launch good applications in the future.

– Junior Dev


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